How much does it cost to rent a studio space?

Feel free to sent us an email at info@instigate-studios.com and let us know what room you would like to rent and any specific requests or needs you have, and we will get back to you with a quote!

How can i send in my demo?

We are not a record label, but if you would like to sent us a demo to review for mixing or mastering services we`re happy to help you! Send us your request at info@instigate-studios.com

I'm having technical issues with one of your plugins or sample packs, how can i reach out?

For any questions or issues regarding the plugins or sample packs, you can get in touch through the following channels:

Kickstart 2:  https://www.cableguys.com/faq or https://www.cableguys.com/contact

Sample packs: https://support.splice.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Do you collaborate with other recording studios and producers?

We are always open to collaborate with other producers or studios, feel free to drop us your request at info@instigate-studios.com.

I have a question about the gear or setup of your studios

We make sure our studios and gear are in top notch condition and ready for action! Have a specific question about our gear or facilities? Drop us a line at  info@instigate-studios.com.

I rented a writers room and work on an M1 Mac, how do i install the required drivers?


If you’re using an M1 Mac, you will need to allow user management of kernel extensions to install the Apogee driver.
1. Quit this installer and shutdown the Mac.
2. Press and hold the Mac’s Power button until the display shows Loading Startup Options, then release it. This takes you to the Startup Options screen.
3. In the Startup Options screen, select the Options icon, then click Continue underneath it.
4. Once the main window has loaded, select the Startup Security Utility in the Utilities menu. You’ll then be prompted to select the system for which you want to configure startup security. Once you’ve unlocked that disk, click on the button to set startup security for that disk. Then select Reduced Security, and check the upper of the two boxes, which allows user management of kernel extensions.
5. Quit Startup Security Utility, and select Restart from the Apple menu to restart into normal mode.
6. Once you’ve restarted, launch this installer again and begin the install. Towards the end of the install, before you restart the Mac, open System Preferences and go to the General tab of the Security & Privacy pane. If you see a message towards the bottom of the window with an Allow button, then unlock the Security & Privacy pane and click the Allow button. If the Apogee installer has finished, restart the Mac.

MacOS X 10.15.7 or higher: Download


MacOS X 10.12.6 or higher: Download

For OS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11.0 – During Installation you MUST Allow your unit in MacOS Security & Privacy – DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP