High-end possibilities at your full disposal.

Perfect for recording entire bands, both plugged or acoustic. It’s size also makes it ideal for recording with live arrangements like strings, choirs or background vocals. 

Instigate Studio 1
Instigate Studio 1-2
Instigate Studio 1-3
Instigate Studio 1-4


PMC MB2 XBD (Speakers)
Apogee Symphony MKII (Soundcard)
Grace design M905 (Controller)
Universal Audio Satellite Quad
Avalon 737SP
Wes Audio _Dione
Wes Audio _Hyperion
Wes Audio _Prometheus
Elysia Character 500
Dangerous Bax EQ
Crane Song Ibis
Access Virus Ti
Access Virus C
LG 55” TV Screen
LG 34” Curved Pc screen


Moog Little Phatty
Nord Lead 4
Dave Smith Prophet 08
Minimoog Voyager XL
Roland Fp-80


Manley Reference Cardiod Mic Black


Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO

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