TalentScouts x Instigate Studios

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TalentScouts x Instigate Studios

The Talent Scouts

In April of 2023, Dutch tv channel SBS6 launched its latest singing competition: The Talent Scouts. In the show, five well-known talent scouts try to attract the best singing talents and develop one of them into the new national top artist.

Our long-time friend and fellow producer Nick (a.k.a nicky Romero) was one the scouts that took four promising young artists under his wing to help further hone their skills, focus in on their own sound and prepare them for a live show. Instigate Studios was the home base and musical laboratory where all this took place. Spoiler alert: we won.


Mixing & Mastering

Voice mixing


Rules of the game

In five rounds of auditions, each of the talent scouts was given 5000 euros per round to secure talents after their performance. Scouts could outbid each other to convince the participant to join their team and work towards reaching the finals. Each scout could take four artists, only one of which could participate in the finals.

The winning talents was given the opportunity to perform at Pinkpop and received 25,000 euros to spend on creating the perfect performance. But there was also something for the scouts to win: they could earn 50.000 euros to donate to a charity of their choice. In the finals, the viewer would have the final say in who would be the winning team.

After intense auditions, we had four ambitious artists join the team: Bastian, Gideon, Mikki and Nikki.

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